Džungľa, dažďové pralesy, jaskyne a dokonca aj divoké zvieratá - to všetko sú miesta, kde sa ukrývajú Tropickí Fungusovia. Pochádzajú z exotických miest, a medzi nimi sú najjedovatejšie huby na svete! Útok je najlepšia forma obrany pre tieto nebezpečné hávede, a preto keď sa ich snažíte chytiť, doporučujeme extrémnu opatrnosť!





This one-eyed, wormy, wiggly menace is Suckler. He will latch onto anything, but loves humans most of all! Once he gets hold, he can just about sap the life right out of you. Steer clear would be my advice, as meeting this Funguy would really suck!




This is not the sort of ring you'll be putting on your finger anytime soon! Ringo is a nasty piece of work. His long, dangling tentacles are perfect for wrapping around attackers. If you end up on the wrong side of Ringo, expect a itchy little rash for your troubles!




Ug, possibly the oldest Funguy of all. It is thought he dates back to prehistoric times, when cavemen roamed the earth. Generally found stuck to the side of the darkest, dankest, dampest caves, Ug doesn't do much, in fact most of the time he's just asleep!




Fang is just about the most aggressive Funguy. He slithers around in rainforests, trying to jump inside the mouths of passing snakes. If attacked, he starts hissing and will spit a highly toxic slime at what or who ever is trying to catch him!




Noctrinal provides a powerful stink, must be all the fruit that bats eat! He's usually found splashing around in little pools at the bottom of caves... weirdly directly underneath the bat colonies?! Do not approach, unless you're happy to get showered in you know what...