Najklzkejší a najslizovatejší Fungusovia zo všetkých. Slizúni sa radi schovávajú na najrôznejších vlhkých miestach. Lov slizúnov je dosť nebezpečný a pokiaľ jedného z nich uvidíte, buďte pripravení ... bude to čvachtať! Dokonca i keď jedného chytíte, sú tak klzkí, že vám vykĺznu priamo z ruky!




Sweaty Hetty

An extremely nervous Funguy, constantly covered in slimy, smelly sweat and if you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to spot it, Sweaty Hetty will immediately throw its arms in the air releasing a toxic blue armpit sweat to distract you as it tries to slither away!




The youngest of all the Funguys, but far from sweet and innocent. This poopy pest is most often found in dirty diapers & nasty nappies. He's hard to catch, as the sound of a baby's rumbly tummy will make even the greatest Bio Busters run for cover.



Tommy Squeaker

Tommy Squeaker, the gassy gremlin. His favourite hiding place is up humans nostrils (urgh!) where he always manages to cause a real stink! He has a habit of disappearing into thin air, so is hard to spot. You'll have to follow your nose for this one!




Flemling is a bit of a drip! A snotty mess that you can find hanging from the end of your nose, or hiding in used tissues! He's always suffering from a cold and if he sees someone trying to catch him, he'll violently sneeze in their face to try and scare them off.




This is one sick Funguy! He's always feeling a little queasy, perhaps because he spends his time rolling around in vomit. If the sight of Chunderbug doesn't turn your stomach, then the smell certainly will! Probably one of the last on your list of Funguys to catch!